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The most important dental visit starts with a cleaning and exam

Many patients view their bi-annual dental cleaning and exam visit as being unimportant.  It can actually be the most important appointment.

If you do not come in for your cleaning and exam, it can actually cost you money in the long run.,  Upon examination, we may find a small cavity which, if left untreated and undiagnosed can become very costly and painful.  Aside from the potential for added costs and possible pain, a professional cleaning reduces bacteria in your mouth which can directly and adversely affect your heart along with the rest of your body.

Just yesterday a patient thanked me for saving his life.  I asked hm what he meant.  He relayed a story about a co-worker of his with undiagnosed and untreated gum disease.  His co-worker died of heart disease related to his gum disease.  Upon learning this, my patient came in for a cleaning and exam and we took care of his gum disease.


Prevention can be good for your teeth, heart and pocketbook


dr cetel dentist

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